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At Rep 0 we focus on the highest quality of coaches that will educate you the safest and most effective fitness practices. We collaborate with allied health professionals to ensure your fitness journey is one of holistic wellbeing.  


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With our small group semi private classes and premium membership offer, Community will be the heartbeat of your fitness journey, fuelling motivation, accountability and shared success.

I highly recommend Bey, for anyone looking to achieve physical and strength goals. With extensive knowledge of strength and conditioning, Bey has helped me improve my form, technique, and exercise programming. He is incredibly motivating and positive, making our sessions enjoyable and helping me stay committed to my fitness routine. Thanks to Bey, I’ve seen significant improvements in my strength and physique and I feel confident in my ability to continue making progress.

Siobhan O'Dean

University Lecturer and researcher

The trainer that goes above and beyond! I didnt actually ask for it and Sean emails me a thorough program after our first session. Wow - Normally I have to ask or beg for that kind of EXTRA attention. Extremely professional and shows genuine care not only in your lifestyle (  ie your diet and training world ) yet your personal life. He isn't one to stop RIGHT  on the official minutes of training time, he will continue until your session is done and you are cooked. The most important observation for me, when you are training he has all eyes on you as a client, not looking around or on his phone like I've witnessed before with other trainers.

Kaye Brown


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